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Swing Competition
Registered Event

The YOUNG ADULT SWING DANCE ASSOCIATION (YASDA) was created to support young people pursuing the art of swing dance.

Dance Mardi Gras is proud to be a registered YASDA event.

Traveling & competing gets very expensive for families. With help from sponsors and organizations like YASDA, we can help give our youth & the future of the sport what they need to grow & succeed.

For more information on YASDA click here !

The WORLD SWING DANCE COUNCIL (WSDC) was organized in 1993 to further communication, provide information services and record keeping for those in the Swing Dance Community.

Dance Mardi Gras is serious about our Swing & is a registered WSDC event.

You know we mean business with DJs like Victor Loveira, Cookie Chevis & Ruby Lair playing their tunes on a state-of-the-art sound system from
A Lighting & Sound, then add top notch head judge Carmen Scarborough Goodman & an all star list of swing judges. You know we mean business!

Click here to download a copy of our Swing Competition rules.
Registered Event
One of a Kind Dinner Show

The MUST SEE Dinner Show at Dance Mardi Gras
We start out with a delicous meal from one of the top chefs in New Orleans.

Then, in true Mardi Gras tradition, we bring in the Ball Captain to welcome this year's King & Queen.
Once the King gives the toast & says those magic words,


the party begins in Mardi Gras style with a costume parade, bead throwing and mask contest.

Hold on to your seats because we have some of the best dancers performing this year along with our masters show dance competition. This could only be followed by our amazing Jack & Jill contest.

Don't miss out on this very special, delicious & entertaining Saturday night event.

Country Competition

This is a United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC) Worlds Qualifying Event

All UCWDC divisions will be offered.  Couples, Line, Pro-Am and Pro-Pro are yours for the taking in this sizzling competition.

The excitement will begin on Friday & won’t let up until Sunday evening. So, get ready to put your best foot forward & bring it on!

If you have any questions regarding entry & competition requirements, please refer to the UCWDC rules.

Ask about our Masters & Crown Couples incentives.

Pro-am Country Incentive Contracts available by contacting or
click here to download


Who will make the Podium this year?
Masks are worn during Mardi Gras to allow wearers to escape society & class constraints. Carnival goers, whenever wearing masks, were free to be whomever they wanted to be & mingle with whatever class they desired.
Get wild and crazy! Rent, buy or make a mask. Wear it to our Mascarade Dinner Show & have a chance to win a free Gold Pass for next year!
New this year is our Mardi Gras Mask Contest
Mardi Gras Mask Contest